Friday, October 16, 2009

Design Development 2

edge : node : vista

edge: boundaries between two phases, linear breaks in continuity

node: centers of attraction that you can enter. A node is a center of activity

vista:A distant view or prospect, especially one seen through an opening, as between rows of buildings or trees.

A view that defines the integrity of the space around it.


The CBI Durham showroom is a space defined not only by the purpose of the company, but the surroundings it is submersed in. With navigation and wayfinding as the backbone for the design, the space evokes good organization and circulation. Upon entering the space, it is soon apparent that the building is divided into sections with various purposes enclosed. Each section of the space, or node, is where the main activity takes place. These zones are further separated by edges; the edges define the boundaries of the spatial nodes. These edges are far more significant than mere boundaries, for they also connect the layers of the space, thus performing as a guide through the extents of the building. As the nodes and edges progress through CBI, the visual sense of a vista begins to form. As one enters the space, the branding of CBI serves as the iconic view, whereas upon exiting, the view of the Durham Post Office reigns superior.

 Each of the three components work together to create a space that is engaging, not only with the products, but the company, as well as the surrounding downtown Durham.

Floor Plans
Cross Sections

Long Section 1
Long Section 2 
Stair Details
Reception Detail
Reception Detail

Kitchen Detail
Wall Section Detail

Chair Showpiece

View of Post Office and Reception Area


View of Upstairs 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Node:Vista: Design Development

This past week saw design developement for the CBI Durham Project. With the aid of our program document, as well as any other information we had gathered, Leah and I started to design the space itself. Below is a compilation of our work. It is by no means finished, but it is a glimpse into what we have as of yet. The next phase is to further polish the design; it should be interesting. 

We are extracting the notion of a vista and translating it’s essence into a physical form that people are able to interact with. In this respect, the vista/architectural statement becomes a node through which people can walk. It serves to bind the two forces behind the construction: CBI and Downtown Durham. The NODE : VISTA will guide clients through the space as a means of way-finding, connecting all layers, levels, and pathways created.  

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Long Section: East
Cross Section: South
View Of Showroom
Alternative View of Showroom
Conference Area