Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Final 3DS Max Renderings

These are the final renderings from the program 3DS Max. Though the program was, in my opinion, more challenging than Sketch Up and Podium, it produced some fairly decent renderings. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hipster Haven

Plan View: 3/32": 1'-0"
Each Unit is comprised of a space amounting to 900 square feet. The universal dimension is 25'-0"x 36'-0" 

Perspective 1: Community Area View Upon Entry

From point of main entry, a datum line of space would run along the building, leading to the roof top terrace stair. Upon entry, residents would visually interact with all of the community space. The coffee shop and Information areas are situated on either side of the datum line. It is meant to accommodate a speedy lifestyle, with the end goal in mind (hence the central placement of stairs).

Perspective 2: View of Residential Hallway

As not to detract from the space itself, each space was designed to work around the columns. They establish boundaries and points of interest rather than unjustifiable coordinate points. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Photoshop: Pattern Perception

To kick off this portion of the class, we were assigned the task of creating a pattern via image and Photoshop technique. After cropping, copying, transforming, and applying paint to an image of a Chicago bridge, I found myself pleased with the pattern created. I look forward to learning more as far as Photoshop manipulation goes.  

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Place To Bathe: Encompassing Reliance

Encompassing Reliance 

Perspective: Interior Hallway

Concept:Encompassing Reliance 

This spa embodies the notion that water is a huge component in everyday existence. It aids the environment, provides recreation, quenches thirst, and even composes the majority of the human build. However manipulated, water is the constant datum line in our daily lives. We, as living organisms would cease to exist without it. This Spa celebrates the life and consistent cycle of such a renewable resource.

Inspiration/ Initial Research:

In researching bathing rituals and the alike, I was inevitably drawn to the Ancient Egyptian’s dependence on the Nile River. Snaking through the civilizations, the Nile promised constant re-growth. It was a resource that saw no bias or judgment; everybody used the Nile. It was manipulated to be a factor in nearly everything the civilizations did, from agriculture to bathing. The Nile was, after all, known as the Backbone of Egyptian life.

I also found inspiration in the composition of the civilizations. The structures were centered around the dominating river, true, but I found the environment they created to be far more powerful.  The Nile and the Structures such as the Pyramids and Ziggurats made statements in themselves. They were prominent as well as stimulating visuals and they provided the terrain in an otherwise flat environment.

Function- Circulation Diagram



Inspired by the universal manipulation of the Nile, the Spa aims to bestow an environment suitable for all. It provides both handicapped accessible areas and non, to ensure a balance between the users. In doing this, the spa evokes a comfortable atmosphere amongst involved.

Sketch Model: 1/4":1'-0"


The Spa, and space it entails, are designed around the concept of unified and encompassing reliance. Inspiration is drawn from the various manipulation and sheer dependence on the Nile. The form can be perceived as separate components united by the constant flow and cycle of water. The flow is embodied by a staggered water ramp that runs the length of the space. It draws from the ancient civilizations in an act to provide a balanced ambiance. The design combines the stepping nature of the Ziggurat with the flow of the Nile to create the Water Ramp. It symbolizes the harmonious balance between the people who are able to walk and those who are unable.

Floor Plan: 1/4": 1'-0"

 Reflected Ceiling Plan: 1/4": 1'-0"

Section Cut View: 1/4":1'-0"

Similar to the all-inclusive manipulation of the Nile is the notion of the Water Ramp. Its journey begins as the ceiling of the changing and restroom spaces. From there, it flows to the shower spaces where perforations in it cascade down into the room beneath. As it further approaches ground level it formulates visual walls, thus connecting the interior to the exterior. Upon reaching ground level, it literally becomes the space itself, emptying into wading pools. The Water Ramp is therefore perceived on various levels and scales similar to the way wheelchair bound users and those who can walk distinguish the space.

Elevation 1: 1/4":1'-0"

Elevation 2: 1/4":1'-0"
Elevation 3: 1/4":1'-0"


The materials and composition of the space aspire to compliment the dominating disposition of the Water Ramp. Reinforced Concrete Walls encompass the spaces in a subtle nature. The paneled glass walls within provide enough separation without distracting from the ramp above. The floor in the space aims to reflect the flow and importance of the water above. Blue-grey glass tiles are laid in the spaces with a datum line of smooth polished concrete connecting them. The floor design utilizes the notion of separate entities uniting over a constant flow. Furthermore, it creates a sense of functional space versus circulation with the variation of materials. The lighting in the spa is designed to create a sense of separated unity. Recessed floor lights line the perimeter of the rooms while track ceiling lights run the length of the datum lines, thus creating a visual proportion.  The only color in the Spa comes from the Water Ramp and the tile floor. The simplicity is meant to engage the viewer in both planes. It also aims to bring the floor and ceiling closer together, and consequently envelope the user in the space.   

FF & E Specifications:

Continuous Cycle:

An attribute of the Nile was that it literally enhanced the surrounding environment. Ancient civilizations would depend on the river for its annual flood seasons, as it enriched soil and increased Agriculture. The spa has a cycle system as well. Water is pumped up into the Water Ramp where it flows down into the submerging pools. The access water drains into the ground via drainage grates. From there, it is filtered and recycled back up to the Ramp. The cycle of replenishing further unites the space and Spa to the place and Environment it inhabits.

Water Flow Function Diagram: 1/4":1'-0"

 Surrounding Environment:

Situated in an open and abundant area, the Spa would be void of other distractions. Just as the Ancient Architecture and the Nile were the topography in their level environments, the form of the Spa would provide the visual statement as well. The sparse location would also add to the tranquility and peaceful nature of the ambiance. 

Perspective 2: Exterior View

 All of these factors coincide together in an attempt to provide a relaxing, comfortable, and successful place to bathe.