Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Invisible Presence

It is in the most common, and therefore, most unlikeliest of places that we find good design.  It celebrates simplicity, stripping away the fa├žade, thus exposing the function and beauty beneath. Good design puts emphasis on the user’s needs, rather than wants. People become so comfortable with it, that they rarely ponder its presence. Good design is selfless rather than selfish. 

From a far, the artifact appears to be a simple wooden square, composed of a solid piece. Made of all wood, it has a smooth surface, further aiding its uniform nature. As the viewer observes closer, it is apparent that it is made of smaller components, set in a grid pattern. The object is based on a simple design yet it is by no means plain in appearance. It forces the viewer to perceive it on various scales and angles. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visual Communication 2

Let’s face it; we live in a technology intense world where the newest design is the most sought after design. Handcrafted seems to have taken the backburner, allowing computer accuracy and speed to flourish. It is, after all a more convenient means of design communication. Though this inevitably is our future, it does not necessarily entail success.

            There is no question that design has altered dramatically since the introduction of technology. New software has come out every year, providing a designer with every means to never have to do anything by hand ever again. There is a sleekness about computer design, it begs a certain level of respect; it looks professional. Also, designing by means of computer can go more in depth than hand made; the technology is that progressed. This is not going to change anytime soon; it will only advance more.

            Though technology is our future, and a fascinating on at that, it by no means demands the extinction of hand made, a method that was successful long before computers. There is a charm to hand rendered and drafted design. It allows the designer to express craft and commitment, a dedication that computer design would never accomplish. This is why designers should find the beneficial medium to design; a profession where hand made and technology coincide well. That way, if one fails, there is always a backup; there should be no excuse for inefficient design.

            As our world changes and we enter into an era dependent on technology, it seems only necessary that we, as designers take advantage of the advancements, without becoming dependent as well. Our lack of reliance on technology and our knowledge of handmade will, ultimately, make us better designers.