Monday, November 23, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CBI Showroom

edge : node : vista

The CBI Durham showroom is a space defined not only by the purpose of the company, but the surroundings of Durham as well. With wayfinding as the core of the design, the space suggests good organization and circulation.

Upon entering the space, it is soon apparent that the building is divided into sections with various purposes enclosed. Each section of the space, or node, is where the main activity takes place. These zones are further separated by the edges; the edges define the boundaries of the nodes. These entities also connect the layers of the space, thus performing as a guide through the extents of the building. As the nodes and edges progress through CBI, the visual sense of a vista begins to form. As one enters the space, the branding of CBI serves as the iconic view, whereas upon exiting, the view of the Durham Post Office reigns superior.

Each of the three components work together to create a space that is engaging, not only with the products, but the company, as well as the surrounding downtown Durham.

Conceptual Diagram:

Spatial Allocation:


Rendered Floor Plans: With Section Cuts


Finish Floor Plans

Data Plans

Reflected Ceiling Plans


Animated Walk Through