Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fist blog

Okay. One blog down, hundreds more to go!

So I went through all of the blogs given to us, and some leading from them to find this blog.
It is called ,'One Mile From Home,' and I found it to be the most interesting out of the bunch. Julie Oakley is the artist and she lives somewhere in the United Kingdom. She started this blog with a challenge; she would set out to walk a mile away from home every day, for one year. Each day, she would sketch or paint something new on her walk.
I think the concept of this blog is great. This woman challenged herself, and now she has an artistic documentation of the entire process.
The work is so nice, not only because it is done well, but also because of the story behind it. All of her art ranges from paint to pencil, black and white to color. It is of landscapes, animals, buildings, and other. Under each post, she has included a map of her town, and where she has walked for the day. Each description for the day has a fascinating bit of information regarding her town and all of the stuff in it.
I think she should do another challenge like this!